The Doode RDA

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The Doode RDA features an innovative post system that uses a small wrench and slip-in collets for an ultra-secure grip on any size of wire. The threads are almost impossible to strip, and you're guaranteed an outstanding electrical contact for superior control in temperature control mode. With a huge amount of airflow, The Doode has been designed to accommodate any sort of build, from small to large, while offering an easy building experience. Everyone, from beginners to experts, will love this dripper!

Product Features:

24mm Diameter
Ultra Unique Collet Post Assembly Build Deck

Collet Insert Coil Mounting and Tightening System
Four Different Collet Insert Sizes
S - 1.3mm
M - 1.9mm
L - 2.4mm
XL - 3.0mm
Place Coil Lead Inside and Tighten
Secures Coil Lead
Sophisticated and Build Friendly
Wide Range of Size Compatibility
Designed for the Most Demanding Configurations
Two Post Design
12mm Post Spacing
24K Gold Plated Brass Posts, Collet Inserts, and Nuts
PEEK Insulator
22.75mm Diameter Build Deck

Adjustable Stacked Dual Sized Airslots

Top Airslot
7.5mm by 2.5mm
Enters Chamber Horizontally
Beveled Bottom Airslot
12mm by 1.5mm
Bevel Slants Air Intake Upward

11mm Bore Recessed Delrin Drip Tip
Stainless Steel Construction
Gold Plated 510 Connection