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Desert Vapors LLC
NorCal Vapors LLC
High Mountain Mist LLC
14th & Main St Market
Stop N Shop
D's Market
Classic Smoke Shop
Ivy Street Mini Mart
Willamette Street Market
GJ's Smoke Shop
Eazy A Smoke Shop
Hunky Dory Pipe & Tobacco INC
Santa Clara Smoke Shop INC
Cornerstone Glass
Sweet Tooth Glass
Glass Roots LLC
Flashback Tees
Cannabis LLC
The Herbal Centre LLC
Discount Smokes
The Glass Stash
US Mart
Discount Cigarettes
Mid Town Direct
Tony's Smoke Shop
Pat's Cigs
The Hot Box
In The Clouds
Quik trip
News & Smokes #13
News & Smokes #6
The Third Eye
US Market  #104
US market  #101
A1 Smoke Shop
News & Smokes
US Market
Roseburg Tobacco
Pirate Glass
Pretty Pussycat
Cosmic Depot
Amazon Market
Piece of Mind North
Jasper Store
Jubitz Truck Stop
Progress Grocery and Deli- Melissa
Menlo Park Liquor- Lorie
Harrison St Mart
Menlo Park Liquor Store
Tree Acres
DnD Deli and Mart
Colony Market
Village Chevron
Garden Valley Liquor
Woodburn liquor
Fast Mart